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AEWV Category

Job Check Criteria

In order for an application under the AEWV category to be successful, applicants must also pass a ‘Job Check’ specific to their employment. In order to pass this job check, applicants must show:

  • That the job pays the market rate and meets wage thresholds relevant to the occupation;
  • The job’s terms and conditions comply with New Zealand’s employment law and standards;
  • The job is for a minimum of 30 hours a week; and
  • The job was advertised to New Zealander workers, and suitable and available NZ workers were not found for the job *

*It is, however, not necessary for the position to have been advertised to New Zealanders if the remuneration for the proposed employment is twice the median wage (currently $55.52 per hour or above); OR the job falls under the Green List occupations. Many of the Green List occupations also offer a fast track to Residence.

Information you need before you apply for the Job Check:

  • Accreditation to hire on the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV);
  • The job title and location of the work;
  • An acceptable job offer, job description and employment agreement;
  • Evidence you advertised the job — but only if it pays less than twice the median wage or is not on the Green List;
  • The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code that best matches the job you are offering based on the INZ view of ANZSCO.

An acceptable employment agreement must also record information about pay and hours, including:

  • Paid leave entitlements;
  • Deductions, benefits or allowances;
  • The maximum number of hours the employee may be asked to work before being paid additional overtime rates;
  • Wages and the pay period;
  • The overtime rate of pay;
  • Guaranteed hours and actual pay;
  • The number of hours the employee may be asked to work, including any hours paid at overtime rates;

INZ will continue to use NZD $27.76 an hour as the median wage until 27 February 2023. From 27 February 2023 we will use NZD $29.66, unless your role is exempt.

The job advertisement or Labour Market Test:

  • Job advertised for at least 2 weeks on a national job listing website where suitable New Zealanders are likely to apply, or another advertising channel more likely to attract New Zealanders;
  • Employer must advertise within 90 days of submitting your application for a Job Check.
  • Employer also need to include a copy of the job ad

Employer must hire someone within 6 months of job check approval being granted. After that time your approval expires or is cancelled.

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