Consequences of Providing False Information in Your Visa Application

Consequences of Providing False Information in Your Visa Application

At Immigration Chambers, we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to visa applications. Whether you’re applying for a visa or submitting an expression of interest, it is crucial to ensure that all information provided is accurate and complete. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will outline the significance of providing accurate information, the potential consequences of providing false or misleading information, and what you can expect throughout the application process.

The Importance of Accuracy

When you apply for a visa, providing accurate and complete information is not just a recommendation; it is a requirement. Accuracy is essential because it ensures that your application is processed efficiently and fairly. 

Additionally, providing false or misleading information can have severe consequences, including the rejection of your application and potential implications for future applications.

Consequences of False or Misleading Information

If you, or someone acting on your behalf, provide false or misleading information or withhold relevant information in your visa application, your application may be declined. It is essential to understand that providing inaccurate information can significantly impact the outcome of your application.

  • Evaluation Process by Immigration New Zealand

If false information is detected in your application, Immigration NZ will carefully evaluate the circumstances before making a decision. They consider factors such as the nature of the false information, your intentions, and your efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

  • Decision Letter

Regardless of whether your application is approved or declined, NZ Immigration will provide you with a decision letter that outlines our findings regarding the accuracy of the information provided. This letter will also detail any implications for future applications and steps you may need to take.

Implications for Future Applications

Providing false or misleading information in a visa application can have long-term consequences. Any future applications you make may be declined on the grounds of not meeting character requirements if false or misleading information was previously provided. However, they may consider character waivers in some cases.

  • Character Waivers

When evaluating character waivers, Immigration New Zealand takes into account the significance of the false information, your intentions, and other personal circumstances. They may ask you to provide additional information or explanations to support your request for a character waiver.

  • Exceptions

There are exceptions to the consequences of providing false information. In assessing your application, Immigration New Zealand will take into account various personal factors. The specifics of any waivers considered will vary depending on whether you’re applying for a residence class visa or a temporary entry class visa.

Before reaching a decision on your application, they will request your explanation regarding why the character requirements should be waived.

  1. If false information was provided when you were under 18, or if relevant information was withheld, they won’t reject any subsequent application you make based on that false information. 
  2. Likewise, if you were included as a dependent child in a previous application and the false, misleading, or withheld information pertained to someone else in that same application, Immigration NZ won’t decline your future applications. 
  3. Further, your applications will be approved if the false, misleading or withheld information is connected directly to a credible report of migrant exploitation.

Making a New Visa Application

If your previous application was declined due to false or misleading information, you may choose to make a new application. Including a cover letter in your new application can help explain the circumstances surrounding the inaccurate information and why character requirements should be waived.

Cover Letter Suggestions

In your cover letter, Immigration NZ recommends explaining the reasons behind any inaccuracies in your previous application and highlighting any mitigating factors. Providing this information can assist them in processing your application more efficiently.

Wrapping up

Providing accurate information is essential for a successful application and can help prevent unnecessary complications in the future. At Immigration Chambers, our Licensed Immigration Advisers New Zealand are committed to ensuring the integrity of the visa application process. From providing expert guidance and advice to offering application review and analysis, immigration chambers offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you achieve success. 

Whether you’re dealing with false information issues or seeking assistance with a cover letter, immigration chambers can provide the support you need to navigate through obstacles and realize your immigration goals. Please get in touch with us if you have any inquiries concerning your application. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have about the accuracy of your application. 


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