NZ Visitor Visa Update: English Translations Required for Supporting Documents

NZ Visitor Visa Update: English Translations Required for Supporting Documents


From 17 June 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) mandates that all supporting documents submitted with New Zealand Visitor Visa applications must be provided in English or accompanied by a certified English translation. This requirement is designed to expedite the processing of visa applications and ensure accuracy in the evaluation of submitted documents.

Importance of Certified English Translations

Ensuring that all documents submitted are either in English or accompanied by a certified English translation significantly reduces processing times and enhances the clarity of the application. Previously, applications with documents in foreign languages without translations experienced delays due to the additional steps required to verify the contents. By providing documents in English, applicants facilitate a smoother and faster review process.

Required Documents for Translation

Categories of Documents Needing Translation

When applying for a visitor visa to New Zealand, all supporting documents not originally in English must be translated. These documents consist of, but are not restricted to:

1. Proof of Funds

  • Bank statements
  • Pay records

2. Travel Itineraries

  • Return flight tickets

3. Proof of Employment

  • Employment verification letters
  • Leave of absence documentation

4. Identity Documents

  • Documents such as the Hukou for Chinese nationals

Additional Requirements

It is important to note that providing English translations for medical and police certificates has already been a requirement. These documents are critical for verifying the applicant’s eligibility and compliance with health and security standards.

Who Can Provide Certified Translations?

Certified translations must be completed by individuals or entities recognized for their translation accuracy and reliability. The acceptable sources for certified translations include:

1. Professional Translation Services

Reputable private or official translation businesses that specialize in legal and official document translation.

2. Community Members

Trusted community members known for their accurate translations. However, this excludes the applicant, their family members, or their immigration adviser to avoid any conflicts of interest.

3. Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIA)

Translations provided by an Licensed Immigration Advisers NZ (LIA) who is a reputable person within the community and known for their precise translations, provided they are not advising on the application.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Applications that are not translated into English as necessary will probably be rejected. This underscores the importance of adhering to the translation requirement to ensure that the visa application is processed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Steps to Provide English Translations

Step-by-Step Process

1. Identify Documents Needing Translation

Review all the supporting documents to determine which ones are not in English.

2. Select a Certified Translator

Choose a certified translation service, a reputable community member, or an LIA known for accurate translations.

3. Submit Translated Documents

Ensure that all translations are certified and submit them along with the original documents in the foreign language.

Example of Required Documents and Translation

Document Type Original Language Required Action
Bank Statement Spanish Obtain certified translation
Flight Itinerary Chinese Obtain certified translation
Employment Letter German Obtain certified translation
Medical Certificate French Already required
Police Certificate Arabic Already required


Providing certified English translations for all supporting documents in a visitor visa application is essential for ensuring efficient and timely processing by Immigration New Zealand. Adhering to these guidelines will help avoid delays and increase the likelihood of a successful visa application. By following the outlined steps and utilizing reputable translation services, applicants can confidently navigate the visa application process and enhance their chances of approval.

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English translations will be required for visitor visa supporting documents