Important Update: Franchisee Accreditation Ends in June 2024

Important Update: Franchisee Accreditation Ends in June 2024


On 16 June 2024, the franchisee accreditation category for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) will be officially disestablished, marking a significant shift in New Zealand’s immigration policy. This decision, heralded by the Minister of Immigration in April following Cabinet deliberations, reflects an evolving landscape in employer accreditation requirements. As a pivotal moment for franchisee employers, understanding the nuances of this change is essential for compliance and strategic planning.

Background and Rationale

Policy Shift Announcement

The disestablishment of the franchisee accreditation category arises from a thorough assessment indicating no substantial evidence that franchisee employers pose a higher risk of non-compliance compared to other business types. Consequently, the additional accreditation requirements previously imposed on franchisee employers are deemed unnecessary.

Key Date

The policy change will take effect from 16 June 2024. Franchisee employers will transition to alternative accreditation categories, which include:

  • Standard Accreditation
  • High-Volume Accreditation
  • Controlling Third Party Employment Accreditation

Implications for Franchisee Employers

Accreditation Options Post-Disestablishment

Franchisee employers must adapt to new accreditation options, each tailored to different business circumstances. The following is a detailed breakdown of each accreditation type:

1. Standard Accreditation

Suitable for businesses hiring a smaller number of migrant workers, the standard accreditation ensures compliance with employment and immigration standards without imposing undue administrative burdens.

2. High-Volume Accreditation

For businesses intending to employ a larger number of migrant workers, high-volume accreditation offers a streamlined process to manage higher workforce demands efficiently.

3. Controlling Third Party Employment Accreditation

This category applies to employers who place migrant workers with third parties. It ensures that all parties involved adhere to regulatory requirements, maintaining robust oversight and accountability.

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Transition Process

Existing Franchisee Accreditation Holders

Franchisee employers currently holding accreditation need not take immediate action. They can apply for their preferred accreditation type after 16 June 2024. However, applications submitted before this date must comply with the existing franchisee accreditation requirements.

Expiring Accreditations

For accreditations expiring before 16 June 2024, employers should contact the Immigration New Zealand Customer Service Centre to discuss their options. Employers seeking to renew their accreditation should apply before the expiry date to ensure continuity, with interim accreditation granted in most cases pending the decision on the renewal application.

Benefits of the Change

Cost Reduction

Eliminating the franchisee accreditation category is expected to reduce costs for franchisee employers. This change aligns the accreditation process with those of other businesses within the same industry, fostering a more equitable competitive environment.

Simplified Compliance

Streamlining accreditation categories simplifies the compliance process for employers, reducing administrative overhead and enhancing operational efficiency.

Contact and Support

Customer Service

Employers seeking guidance or clarification regarding their accreditation status or the transition process can contact Immigration New Zealand’s Customer Service Centre or get in touch with our Licensed Immigration Lawyer in Auckland for more details. Dedicated support will be provided to address specific circumstances and ensure a smooth transition to the new accreditation framework.

Ongoing Communication

Immigration New Zealand will proactively reach out to employers with pending franchisee applications to discuss individual situations and assist in navigating the upcoming changes. 


The disestablishment of the franchisee accreditation category represents a pivotal shift in New Zealand’s immigration policy, aimed at reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens while ensuring compliance and fairness across all business sectors. Franchisee employers should prepare for this transition by understanding their new accreditation options and engaging with Immigration New Zealand for support and guidance.

By adapting to these changes, franchisee employers can continue to operate efficiently within the framework of New Zealand’s evolving immigration policies, ensuring their business remains compliant and competitive.


Franchisee accreditation category to be removed in June 2024