Empowering Accredited Employers: Over 100,000 AEWV Applications Approved by INZ

Empowering Accredited Employers: Over 100,000 AEWV Applications Approved by INZ


The AEWV stands as the cornerstone of temporary work visas in New Zealand, offering employers a streamlined pathway to hire skilled migrant workers while prioritizing opportunities for New Zealanders in the job market.

Understanding the AEWV

The AEWV is a revolutionary employer-led work visa initiative tailored to address genuine skill or labor shortages in New Zealand. It not only facilitates the recruitment of skilled migrants but also serves as a vital tool in combating migrant exploitation. By accrediting employers, the program ensures that only reputable entities can engage migrant workers, thereby upholding the integrity of the immigration system.

Key Information and Statistics

As of February 2, 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has approved an impressive 105,653 AEWV applications, with 23,232 Accredited Employers NZ actively participating in the program. These statistics underscore the significance of the AEWV in meeting New Zealand’s workforce demands.

Accreditation Process

1. Preparing for Accreditation

Before inviting a worker to apply for an AEWV, employers must undergo a rigorous accreditation process. This entails submitting accreditation applications, advertising roles if necessary, and completing a Job Check.

2. Verification Steps

Throughout the AEWV application process, various verification steps are implemented, encompassing accreditation, job checks, and work visa assessments. Additionally, post-accreditation checks are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with immigration and employment standards.

3. Maintaining Compliance

Employers are expected to fulfill their AEWV obligations diligently. Failure to comply with immigration or employment laws may result in penalties, including accreditation revocation or suspension.

4. Post-Accreditation Checks

Post-accreditation checks serve as a crucial mechanism to monitor employer compliance. Approximately 16% of Accredited Employers NZ undergo routine checks each year, encompassing random selections and targeted assessments based on complaints or issues raised.

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5. Addressing Non-Compliance

INZ remains vigilant in addressing non-compliance among accredited employers. As of February 2, 2024, 136 employers have had their accreditation revoked, with an additional 51 facing suspension. These actions are taken following due process, ensuring fair treatment while safeguarding the integrity of the AEWV scheme.

6. Job Change Process

AEWV holders can apply for job changes, offering them greater flexibility and certainty in their employment arrangements. The Job Change application process enables migrants to vary their employer, job, or location as needed, providing reassurance, especially in cases of job loss.

7. Processing Time and Improvements

While processing time for AEWV applications have increased, efforts are underway to enhance efficiency. Employers are advised to allow sufficient time for accreditation and job check phases, with most applications currently exceeding 10 days for processing. However, ongoing enhancements to the Immigration Online platform aim to expedite assessment procedures and improve the overall customer experience.

8. Independent Review

An independent review into the AEWV, initiated in August 2023, underscores the commitment to program effectiveness and transparency. This review will comprehensively evaluate accreditation and job check processes, ensuring alignment with immigration objectives while addressing any areas for improvement.


In conclusion, the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) represents a pivotal mechanism for addressing New Zealand’s workforce needs while safeguarding against migrant exploitation. Through stringent accreditation processes, ongoing compliance checks, and a commitment to transparency, the AEWV continues to play a vital role in facilitating skilled migration and promoting economic growth in New Zealand.

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