Let’s talk Kiwiana – NZ’s favourite cultural icons. Kiwiana describes all the amazingly quirky items from New Zealand’s culture and history that contribute to our sense of nationhood.

A few icons include meat pies, jandals (flip-flops), sheep, the tiki, and anything made of paua (abalone) shell. There are even some New Zealand personalities that are so legendary that they can be deemed as Kiwiana – they include Mount Everest-conquering hero ‘Sir Ed’ (Edmund Hillary), ‘bushman’ and author Barry Crump, the epitome of the ‘good Kiwi bloke’, and fictional characters such as Wal Footrot and his sheepdog (Dog) from the comic strip Footrot Flats, created by Murray Ball. Kiwiana gives us our sense of unique identity and are recognised and collected by many.


Discover Kiwiana around NZ

Paeroa, situated at the base of the Coromandel is worth stopping in to sample the uniquely tasting L&P (Lemon and Paeroa) beverage. The town is also famous for its range of antiques and collectables. Don’t forget to take your picture in front of the giant bottle of L & P!

Originally L & P was a carbonated drink made from mineral water (from a natural spring in Paeroa) and lemon juice. This bottle (pictured) is now over 50 years old.

carbonated drink

In the heart of 350-acres of lush farmland, yet only 10 minutes from Rotorua city centre, you’ll find New Zealand’s Agrodome. For over 40 years, visitors from all over the globe have come to the Agrodome to see a world-famous farm show.

There’s also a farmyard nursery to visit, which is home to the cutest baby animals who are available for cuddles and photos all year round! Or take a guided farm tour, where you’ll get to hand-feed loads of friendly animals and sample delicious kiwifruit juice and honey from the farm.

Ok, so if you are in for something completely unusual then visit the town of Taihape, the world capital of gumboot throwing. Yes, this is a thing! Don’t believe me, check out the rural farm games, a competition held annually.

Taihape is located in the Rangitikei District of the North Island and is a sleepy wonderland of rural beauty. Ranging wildly in topography Taihape is an experience of the real New Zealand.