Fangfang (Sophie) Shen

Sophie has been a licensed Chinese Lawyer for over twenty years and an Arbitrator of Suzhou Arbitration Commission for over ten years. She is also a Legal Counsel of Jiangsu International Commercial Legal Service Center and a Mediator of Suzhou International Commercial Tribunal (SICT), etc., mainly specializing in international law and international trade dispute remedies.  

Sophie has been working in the Immigration industry in New Zealand since August 2023, developing the knowledge and skills in communicating with clients, preparing documents for clients, etc.

Sophie speaks English and Mandarin.

She has a LLM degree of International Business Law in University of Wales UK and a LLB degree of Law in University of Suzhou China. She, as selected attorneys, attended a two-month Training Course of Chinese Senior Attorneys in in the USA respectively in the year of 2008 and 2016, on topics of international trade dispute remedies, mainly including anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and 337 practice.

With her international link, she can help the clients with all kinds of international legal matters in China, New Zealand, and other countries.